In the first few months of 2023 an unsettling trend has gripped businesses across Ireland – a surge in shoplifting. The statistics are alarming, with theft and related offenses seeing a staggering 36% increase. What’s even more concerning is that theft from shops, accounting for nearly half of this surge, has spiked by 37% over the past year alone.

The evidence, both anecdotal and official, paints a grim picture of an epidemic of shoplifting, a crime often underestimated and underreported. This surge has not spared businesses of any size, with a survey of 400 convenience shops, forecourt stores, and supermarkets revealing that a staggering 95% of them have fallen victim to shoplifting, robberies, or burglaries in the last 12 months.

The situation has prompted law enforcement to step up efforts to collaborate with businesses. In particular, Gardaí across the county are actively working with establishments to help fortify their defenses against these criminal activities. A noteworthy point is their focus on safeguarding more vulnerable items, such as cosmetics display cases, from the hands of thieves.

In light of these alarming trends, it becomes imperative for businesses to take proactive measures to secure their premises and protect their assets. Here are some practical steps your business can take to stay secure in the face of rising shoplifting:

  1. Invest in Security Systems:
    Embrace technology to fortify your security. Installing surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control systems can act as a deterrent and provide crucial evidence in the event of an incident.
  2. Employee Training:
    Educate your staff on the signs of suspicious behaviour and the appropriate steps to take in case of a security threat. Well-trained employees can be your first line of defence.
  3. Enhance Visibility:
    Ensure that your store layout allows for optimal visibility, minimizing blind spots. A well-lit and organized space can discourage potential shoplifters.
  4. Implement Loss Prevention Strategies:
    Develop and implement robust loss prevention strategies. This may involve inventory control measures, regular audits, and the use of anti-shoplifting devices.
  5. Secure High-Risk Items:
    Identify and secure high-risk items, such as cosmetics, electronics, or other valuable products. Use locking display cases or other protective measures to make these items less accessible to would-be thieves.

As the threat of shoplifting continues to loom large, businesses must adopt a proactive stance to safeguard their interests. By combining technology and staff training, businesses can create a robust defence against the rising tide of shoplifting in 2023.

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