Base your future transit initiatives on verified data.


Real Time Traveller Information, At Your Fingertips – 24 / 7

Drive your transportation business to success with data analytics that improve the traveller experience. We provide access to secure online sensor data and detailed reporting – via the most advanced cloud-based analysis software available on the market today.

Implementing innovative sensor technology and data analytics is an effective way to manage and optimise the public transportation sector. With real-time data insight into footfall numbers, occupancy levels, and more, public transportation is efficiently managed to avoid queues and overcrowding.

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Footfall Counting Solutions

Turn your data into insight that allows you to make fact-based decisions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Get the data that makes sense

Control temperature and humidity, as well as CO2 and noise levels inside trains and buses with IoT technology. By automating your business operations, you can ensure a pleasant travel experience for your passengers.

To help transportation operators, we ensure easy integration with your preferred and existing POS, BI, ERP, and API systems.

Heatmaps – Hot & Cold Zones

Understand where your visitors are spending their time and detect dwell areas to help enhance your marketing strategies and optimise your store layout. Heatmaps provide a graphic overview of your visitors’ walking patterns by identifying hot and cold zones to help you understand which areas and spaces within your store are attracting the most visitors.

Gender Distribution

Capture the demographics of your incoming visitor traffic to gain valuable customer insight that helps you make strategic decisions surrounding product displays, advertising, and inventory. Our sensors are designed to differentiate between males and females for full store optimisation.

Queue Management

By tracking people’s journeys, including flow, dwell time, and dwell zones, you gain valuable data that helps you manage and calculate queue lengths. Our highly accurate sensor technology is implemented to monitor crowding patterns, enabling you to predict when and where queues tend to occur. This insight helps you enhance the overall customer experience by organising your staff to meet the occupancy levels.

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Established in 1998, Mercury Systems have the expertise and ability to bring tailored solutions to customers across the nation.

We offer the widest range of products, source the most advanced technology and have exclusive distributor agreements with leading industry manufacturers. We work to ensure that the highly developed analytics software we provide, gives at least 98% accuracy in it’s data collection.

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“Mercury Systems provides customers with actionable insights, which can add value to the operations of their store or premises. We look forward to offering our customers scalable solutions, which can enable customers to improve store and venue performance. For us, it’s about return of investment, with each tailored solution we provide. We make sure your work counts.”

Alan Phelan, Director, Mercury Systems