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Mercury Systems is Ireland’s leading provider of Advanced Footfall counting and security solutions. Counting people and preventing loss for over 25 years. Established in 1998, Mercury is fully committed to providing the best smart systems and innovative technologies, tailored to the needs of businesses around Ireland.

From advanced security solutions that protect your profits, providing the fastest return of investment, to leading data analytics software, specialising in footfall data, customer behaviour and business optimisation, our business is your solution.

Based in Ashbourne, Co. Meath, we provide support and services all over the island of Ireland, with an expert team who understand that there are many ways of determining performance, depending on your business.

We ensure that the technology available transforms your business, maximising profits. Whatever your needs, be it Mercury Footfall Counting or Mercury Security Solutions, we can provide the expertise you need.

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We are Ireland’s leading supplier of Footfall Counting solutions, customer behaviour analysis and business optimisation. 


With 25 years in business, we are long established as Ireland’s leading provider of retail loss prevention and other specialised retail security and intelligence products.


Our systems will provide your solutions. Our Footfall and Analytic Solutions will collect and report on the number of visitors to your establishment, with in-depth insight into traffic and how this impacts your business, providing you with invaluable information.

We offer the widest range of Security Tagging Products to suit any retail situation. We only use premium quality products from industry leading manufacturers – this guarantees optimum performance and reliability. We monitor and focus on new developments in Security, Shrink and Store Performance in Global Loss Prevention.

Mercury Systems can provide the technology and expertise you need. Contact us today.

Reputable Suppliers

Mercury Systems only use premium quality products from industry leading manufacturers: this guarantees optimum performance and reliability.


Mercury Systems are quality audited by EQA, and licensed by the PSA – license number 03837.  As part of that process, our directors and staff are Garda vetted.


We operate nationwide offering our services to many of Ireland’s leading retailers, government agencies, local authorities, financial institutions and many more.


We have been analysing and securing Irish businesses for over 25 years.


We put our clients first in everything we do, because every customer counts. Here is what they say about us:

“We’re very happy with the product and service that we received from Mercury Systems. They were quick to respond to our enquiry and their knowledge allowed us to choose the right system for our application.

Installation was completed without disruption to our store or customers. I’d be happy to recommend them.”

Tom Maxwell Asia

Director of Operations, Asia Market Limited

“Initially I contacted Mercury Systems to supply a security tagging system to protect high value alcohol products at our flagship store.

After a very efficient installation, we have seen the benefits in shrink reduction and have decided to roll out the system to all our stores.”

David Tarrant

Managing Director, Casey Retail Group


We have been analysing and securing Irish businesses for over 25 years.


InVue Ecosystem: Security, Merchandising, and Analytics in Harmony
InVue Ecosystem: Security, Merchandising, and Analytics in Harmony

The future of retail security is here, and it’s powered by connectivity. Mercury Systems introduces a revolutionary storewide ecosystem—a hardware and software integration that sets new standards for security, merchandising, employee accountability, and insightful analytics.

Maximise Store Efficiency with a People Counter System
Maximise Store Efficiency with a People Counter System

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to running a successful retail business. Every decision you make, from staffing to store layout, should be driven by data and focused on enhancing the customer experience. That’s where a people counter system from Mercury Systems can make all the difference.

A people counter system is a sophisticated solution that accurately tracks the number of visitors entering your store. With our advanced technology and robust sensors, you can gather real-time data on footfall and make informed decisions to optimise your operations.

Why Choose us?

Established in 1998, Mercury Systems have the expertise and ability to bring tailored solutions to customers across the nation.

We offer the widest range of products, source the most advanced technology and have exclusive distributor agreements with leading industry manufacturers. We work to ensure that the highly developed analytics software we provide, gives at least 98% accuracy in it’s data collection.

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“Mercury Systems provides customers with actionable insights, which can add value to the operations of their store or premises. We look forward to offering our customers scalable solutions, which can enable customers to improve store and venue performance. For us, it’s about return of investment, with each tailored solution we provide. We make sure your work counts.”

Alan Phelan, Director, Mercury Systems